Human Target – Dead Head

by Alan Rapp on May 5, 2020

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  • Title: Human Target – Dead Head
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Human Target - Dead Head television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back to the Second Season of Human Target. The case of protecting an amnesiac John Doe (Roger Bart) injured in a car explosion quickly becomes personal for Winston (Chi McBride) when he discovers the person who wants their client dead is the same dirty cop (Nick Chinlund) he spent half of his career failing to bring down. A ghost from Winston’s past does offer the opportunity to flesh out his character by revealing a bit more of Winston prior to working with Chance and introducing Tracie Thoms as his estranged ex-wife.

It doesn’t take long before the John Doe (who is actually a world-class money launderer), Chance (Mark Valley), Winston, Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley), Ames (Janet Montgomery), and even Ilsa Pucci (Indira Varma) are on the run from the law. “Dead Head” continues the ongoing thread of the Second Season showcasing just how out of her element Ilsa is (a theme the show will run into the ground again and again over the course of the season), both in dealing with Guerrero and in going on the run from dirty cops willing to use her as bait to get their hands on the launderer who can’t remember the information they want from him. Despite starting a case with a client who doesn’t know who he is or what is chasing him, Chance and associates still manage to protect their client and help Winston in the process.

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