Human Target – Sanctuary

by Alan Rapp on May 29, 2015

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  • Title: Human Target – Sanctuary
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Human Target - Sanctuary

Although still quite enjoyable, and better than several episodes of the show’s Second Season, “Sanctuary” is the weakest episode of Human Target‘s opening season with a bit too much of Indiana Jones (mercenaries, hidden art, a secret monastery) for its own good. Always a sucker for the ladies, “Sanctuary” begins with Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) being hired by the girlfriend (Sarah Smyth) of a reformed thief (Sam Huntington) who turned on his crew rather than see the woman he loves get hurt. Now hiding out in a monastery on top of a mountain the thief is unaware the criminals he helped put away have escaped and are coming for revenge (and a priceless artifact hidden for decades somewhere in the monastery).

Over the course of the episode Chance will disguise himself as a monk, struggle to keep John Gray (Huntington) and the other monks from being killed, search for lost treasure in the catacombs of the monastery, and perform an impressive save hundreds of feet in the air on a moving tram. Winston (Chi McBride) will also be forced to step far outside his comfort zone to defuse a bomb while the third member of the team, conspicuous by his abscence, is given his own subplot teasing us with events which won’t fully be explored until the season finale. Not knowing the level of trust between the morally circumspect Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) for his friend helps sell the subplot which sets some early groundwork for explaining how this unusual team came together.

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