In Plain Sight – Reservations, I’ve Got a Few

by Alan Rapp on April 2, 2012

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  • Title: In Plain Sight – Reservations, I’ve Got a Few
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Mary (Mary McCormack) and Marshall (Frederick Weller) attempt to track down their latest witness, a former Navy Seal (Alimi Ballard) turned freelance operator, flees to a Native American reservation. Without any legal jurisdiction the pair are forced to ask for the help of the reservation’s Chief of Police (Wes Studi) to track the witness down.

Along with a reservation detective (Julia Jones), and the daughter of the Chief of Police, Marshall and Mary set out on horseback to track their witness before he slips out of the pueblo and into the National Park and disappears for good. The trouble is the man’s former partner (Jolene Anderson) and his jhadist former employer are hot on his trail.

Meanwhile Delia (Tangie Ambrose) and Stan (Paul Ben-Victor) call in the help of Assistant Associate Director Susan Campbell (Mädchen Amick) to work damage control to make sure the loss of the witness doesn’t destroy Marshall’s career and Mark (Bryan Callen) discovers babysitting Nora has his advantages, both in closing big deals and in meeting women.

The trail leads to an old western set in the middle of the desert where they learn their witness isn’t fleeing from his former partner but working with her. When his former partner turns on him and attempts to turn him over to her terrorist boss, Marshall, Mary, and the young Native American detective (who has a little thing for Marshall) find themselves in an old west shootout.

The episode is a nice mix of ridiculousness (the rooftop Bourne-like escape, the old west set, Mark’s trouble in leaving Nora alone to take a shower) presented with a straight face. It was also nice to see Ballard, who reminds me I still miss Numb3rs.

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