It’s Always Sunny – The Gang Recycles Their Trash

by Alan Rapp on October 19, 2012

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  • Title: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Recycles Their Trash
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“Look, it would have been fine if Dee hadn’t incited a race war.”


When the garbage men go on strike Frank (Danny DeVito) comes up with a plan to make money by convincing the Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Charlie (Charlie Day) to go into the trash business. Dennis comes up with his own unique spin on the plan by choosing to rent a stretch limousine instead of a van to collect the trash of potential customers. You have to admit, their tuxedos are a nice touch. Continuing to try and not fall into old mistakes, and stick with a plan they can all agree on, the tuxedo threesome attempt to sell their wares door-to-door through three-part harmony.

Far less successful are Frank and Dee (Kaitlin Olson) who make an incredibly awkward trip to City Hall (which involves them ripping each other’s clothes off) to convince their old friend the gay lawyer (Richard Ruccolo) to undermine the union and give them the city’s garbage collecting contract under the table. This leads to another uncomfortable discussion of homosexuality in front of the lawyer in the middle of the strip club on the differences between “twinks,” “twonks,” and “twanks.”

Although the group starts pulling in lots of cash by picking up trash the novelty of the situation soon wears off as their tuxes are ruined and their limo is “covered in trash and seagulls.” Giving up on the plan midway through Mac, Charlie, and Dennis decide to dump the trash in a poor neighborhood only to find themselves attacked by an angry mob of garbage men incited to violence by Frank and Dee doing her horrific idea of a Latina activist. “The Gang Recycles Their Trash” recycles some of the group’s longstanding issues in humorous ways as well as returns Ruccolo for another uncomfortable strip club moment before the group gets their comeuppance and moves on, once again, having learned absolutely no lesson from their experiences.

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