Justice League Unlimited – Double Date

by Alan Rapp on August 9, 2018

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  • Title: Justice League Unlimited – Double Date
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“You’re cute when you’re an insufferable smarty pants.”

Justice League Unlimited - Double Date television review

Our Throwback Thursday post takes us back to the animated adventures of Justice League. If it wasn’t for “Clash” this would be my favorite episode of Justice League. There’s so much to enjoy here as the episode gives us pairings of the Question (Jeffrey Combs) and the Huntress (Amy Acker) along with Green Arrow (Kin Shriner) and Black Canary (Morena Baccarin). Opening with the Huntress failing a test and being kicked out of the League when she attempts to kill a Federal witness (who murdered her family years before), the episode moves into Huntress teaming up with the Question while Black Canary and Green Arrow are tasked with keeping the loathsome Mandragora (Glenn Shadix) safe from them. Written by Gail Simone, starring Amy Acker and Morena Baccarin, and featuring my favorite version of the Question, it would be nearly impossible for me not to love this episode. And the humor! Oh, my.

Filled with some great back-and-forth between both couples, fights between Huntress and Black Canary, an explosive chase scene, and pivotal character moment for the Huntress, the episode has it all (including heroic debate about the Justice League protecting someone like Mandragora). While the season plays with the idea of the Question as a kook (and the Huntress definitely gets some jabs in at his expense), he uses his knowledge of Mandragora to bring Huntress to the edge of her revenge and uses his belief in her to help her find a better way. While I agree with Canary that the pair make an unusual couple, Simone makes the odd puzzle pieces of Question and Huntress fit together so seamlessly that you wonder they weren’t paired together before (or since).

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