Legends of Awesomeness – Mind Over Manners

by Alan Rapp on July 7, 2013

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  • Title: Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness – Mind Over Manners
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Legends of Awesomeness - Mind Over Manners

While interrupting the villainous Tong Fo‘s (Jeff Bennett) latest plan and retrieve the stolen Gan Xiang Sapphire, Po (Mick Wingert) accidentally is imbued with the mystical powers to read minds that the Tong Fo had planned to grab for himself. These same powers allowed Tong Fo’s ancestor to rule a vast kingdom (before going completely mad).

At first Po enjoys his ability to read minds which gives him an insight to what his friends are thinking as well as making him invincible in battle. However, things quickly turn as those around him become increasingly uncomfortable with the Dragon Warrior’s new gift and Po begins going mad from not being able to silence the voices in his head.

Po goes to Tong Fo for assistance, hoping the untrustworthy Loris can remove the voices from his mind. Tong Fo, of course, betrays him, but thankfully for Po the Furious Five arrive to help save their friend’s mental and physical well-being. “Mind Over Matters” works best during the awkward moments where we see those closest to Po try to hide their thoughts, unsuccessfully. Here we learn of Crane‘s (Amir Talai) love of scented fabrics and Mr. Ping (James Hong) being perhaps even more secretive and paranoid than the show has suggested before (which, when you think about it, is quite a lot). I also really enjoyed Po’s ridiculous way of clarifying Shifu‘s (Fred Tatasciore) assertion of what type of madness the Dragon Warrior was in store for.

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