Leverage – The Radio Job

by Alan Rapp on January 10, 2012

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  • Title: Leverage – The Radio Job
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After Nate’s father (Tom Skerritt) takes a job from Latimer (Leon Rippy) and becomes trapped in the United States Patent Office, Nate (Timothy Hutton) and the team have no choice but to go in to get him out. But the team has to think on their feet when they discover the entire job is a set-up and the building is surrounded by Federal agents.

Nate’s plan is to stall FBI Special Agent Dennis Powell (Michael Paré) and Homeland Security Spec Ops Leader Elaine Delacorpes (Jennifer Lanier) long enough to plan an escape by having Hardison (Aldis Hodge) put together a radio play on the fly with whatever he can scrounge from the patent archives and Elliot (Christian Kane) put on a Die Hard-ian show for the cops. Although the team makes it out of makes it out, it’s not without a casualty.

It’s been obvious that someone with an ax to grind has been watching Nate and his team for some time. The explosive final scene reveals the man behind the curtain to be the person (Saul Rubinek) responsible for bringing the team together which leads into next week’s season finale. Skerritt doesn’t have as much to do returning as Jimmy Ford, but the episode does allow him to go out in style. And as a fan of Eddie and the Cruisers I always smile seeing Paré show up here and there in small roles.

I really enjoyed this episode which highlighted the team’s ability to think on their feet and make more out of a situation than they have any right to do. The choice of the finale’s villain is an intriguing one that longtime fans of the show should enjoy – as is the guest-cast for next week’s episode which includes Wil Wheaton, Richard Chamberlain, and Clayne Crawford, all reprising their former roles.

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