Longmire – A Good Death is Hard to Find

by Alan Rapp on August 21, 2013

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  • Title: Longmire – A Good Death is Hard to Find
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Longmire - A Good Death is Hard to Find

When a safety deposit box of a recently-deceased ward of the state is delivered to the police station with a severed finger inside, Longmire (Robert Taylor) and Branch (Bailey Chase) investigate the 20 year-old robbery involving the dead man and stolen dinosaur bones solved by Lucien Connally (Peter Weller) who paid the man a visit in prison one week before his death.

Longmire’s investigation takes him to the scientist (John Ales) who lost a finger in the robbery (but not the one in the sheriff’s posssession), as well as both the convict’s girlfriend (Robyn Lively) and partner in the robbery (Brad Carter) one of whom had $840,000 reasons to makes sure the victim never made it out of prison alive even going so far to convince a prison guard (Cory Tucker) to make sure an accident befell the victim only two weeks before his release.

In the episode’s B-story Vic (Katee Sackhoff) becomes increasingly agitated when someone begins stalking her and she discovers Ed Gorski (Lee Tergesen) is still in town. This forces the deputy to come clean to Walt about her past and temporarily move into the sheriff’s cabin which becomes awkward when Lizzie (Katherine LaNasa) walks in on them. The slowburn of Vic’s storyline appears finally to be boiling over with both Vic (who looks to hire and Indian leg-breaker) and Longmire (who pays the man a threatening visit in his hotel room) looking for alternative methods to force the former Philadelphia cop to leave town as we move forward to next week’s season finale.

The episode is highlighted by Longmire and Ed’s thinly-veiled conversation about Achilles, the increasing agitated state of Vic, and Weller’s guest-starring role as the county’s former sheriff who provides some fun as an only partially helpful source of information to Longmire as well as some dark, but pretty good, cowboy poetry by the man in Henry’s (Lou Diamond Phillips) bar. With so many story elements still up in the air, and the threats of Vic and Longmire on what appears to be a a law-abiding visitor to the community I think we can expect the shit to seriously hit the fan in next week’s season finale.

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