Longmire – Bad Medicine

by Alan Rapp on August 27, 2013

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  • Title: Longmire – Bad Medicine
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Longmire - Bad Medicine

Trouble comes in threes in the Second Season finale of Longmire as Walt (Robert Taylor) must deal with the accusations of Ed Gorski (Lee Tergesen) who holds the sheriff responsible for the injuries that put him in the hospital, Detective Fales (Charles S. Dutton) returns to the county with warrants looking to tie Walt and Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) to the murder in Denver, and Branch (Bailey Chase) brings Longmire in on an apparent suicide connected to Cady’s (Cassidy Freeman) accident which, it turns out, may not have been so accidental.

With Vic (Katee Sackhoff) prepared to take the fall for the attack to keep Walt out the mess, the sheriff convinces Hector (Jeffrey De Serrano), the Native American who Vic payed to do the dirty deed, to accept sole responsibility for the crime, but things get far more complicated when Henry reveals Walt owes Hector a debt he can never repay. The world of Longmire is a small one when Henry reveals Hector beat the meth dealer (John Lee Ames) who killed Longmire’s wife. Although Fales doesn’t make the connection with Hector, of find what he expected to implicate Walt, the detective does find enough evidence to charge Henry for the crime.

“Bad Medicine” opens up new avenues in the Denver murders as Walt learns that despite his best efforts neither he, nor Henry, nor Hector are actually responsible for the murder of the meth dealer. Of course that doesn’t help Henry as the season ends on multiple cliffhangers with Walt’s best friend being extradited to Denver on murder charges, Branch shot and bleeding out on the reservation, and Vic armed and ready for Gorski’s next attack. The season certainly ends on a high note; I can’t wait to see what happens when the show (hopefully) returns for its Third Season.

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