Lucifer – Once Upon a Time

by Alan Rapp on June 12, 2018

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  • Title: Lucifer – Once Upon a Time
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Lucifer - Once Upon a Time television review

The second of two “bonus” episodes taking place outside the show’s regular continuity offers us a look at a slightly different version of events where Chloe (Lauren German) remained an actress rather than becoming a police officer. After a friend is killed in Lux, Chloe attempts to play detective for real as does a certain nightclub owner who wants to exact some justice of his own. We also get variations of other supporting characters including a douchier Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and a less-sunny version of Ella (Aimee Garcia).

“Once Upon a Time” provides a fun standalone episode which is also notable for its narration, provided by God (portrayed by the Neil Gaiman). The episode is used to show that even if events unfolded in a different manner, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Chloe would still be brought together. He would still annoy, she would sill impress, and together they would solve a crime. It’s an interesting final episode to air, underlining the idea that Chloe and Lucifer are fated to be together in whatever reality they may find themselves.

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