Nikita – Black Badge

by Alan Rapp on February 25, 2013

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  • Title: Nikita – Black Badge
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“You want to make contact with a conspiracy theorist who’s digging into Division?”

Nikita - Black Badge

When proof of Madeline Pierce’s (Alberta Watson) involvement with Division, which could only have come from Amanda’s (Melinda Clarke) black box, makes it to acting Director of the CIA Morgan Hendrick (Brian Howe) the team rallies to keep Hendrick safe, believing he is Amanda’s target. Meanwhile, Ryan (Noah Bean) has to decide what to do about the plucky young analyst (Amanda Schull) who discovered the intelligence, and Nikita (Maggie Q), Michael (Shane West), and Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) continue to discuss what action to take given the four missions the White House has given Division.

Kendrick is killed trying to deliver the files back to Division and Amanda frames Sean (Dillon Casey) for the assassination of the head of the CIA. With the media and FBI already on the hunt for Sean, Nikita approaches Naomie (Schull) hoping she can help identify Amanda’s partner, the real man behind the car bombing, as Sean turns himself in as a stop-gap to give Division enough time to prove his innocence and give the FBI and media an alternative explanation for the killing. One step ahead of them, Amanda cleans all evidence of her operative (with a nice acid bath) and provides the CIA with a damning motive for Sean to plot and kill the head of the agency he blamed for his mother’s death.

With Sean officially arrested and facing the death penalty if convicted, Nikita and Alex plan to break into the FBI, fake Sean’s death, and extract him back to Division (just how Nikita was recruited years before). For the operation to go off without a hitch they’ll need Sean’s cooperation and will have deal with Naomie who has been working for Amanda this entire time and has been ordered not to allow Sean Pierce to miraculously come back to life.

As the episode comes to a close Division has themselves a new recruit but has lost their best friend in the U.S. Government which may well force Division to do all the jobs given to them by the White House. In Division’s war of attrition with Amanda, their nemesis comes out ahead. Although Nikita and Alex are able to save Sean’s life his reputation is ruined and he has to turn his back on his old life and family. Far more damaging to Division is the loss of a friend in the high ranks of the U.S. Government and what it may mean for their future.

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