Nikita – Brave New World

by Alan Rapp on February 10, 2013

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Nikita - Brave New World

After Michael (Shane West) officially gives up his role as a field agent to run Operations permanently, Nikita (Maggie Q) heads out on a secret mission to Kosovo based on Birkhoff’s (Aaron Stanford) intelligence to find Dr. Heidegger (John Billingsley), the one man who may be able to replace Michael’s missing hand.

Nikita’s plan to cause some discomfort for the doctor’s latest patient (Adam Croasdell) with the help of the man’s girlfriend (Laysla De Oliveira) to lure the good doctor into making a house call doesn’t go exactly as planned when the paranoid patient thinks the doctor is working with the CIA to kill him. Going in without backup, Nikita is captured forcing Michael and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) to head to Kosovo to rescue their friend while Ryan (Noah Bean) and Birkhoff work on a way to stop the President from discovering Division is responsible for an international incident halfway around the world.

Hiding their true purpose, Commander Danforth (Richard T. Jones) and the President sanction a hit on the man holding Nikita and Heidegger. Both the assassination and rescue are successful and Heidegger is hopeful that Michael makes a promising candidate for the procedure. However, just when Michael’s future seems secured everything is taken away once more as he and Nikita take a hard look at the man they are about to get into bed with. The President and Danforth are sufficiently impressed with Division’s showing to offer them four new missions, something no one at Division is all that pleased about as Nikita and company see a slippery slope opening in front of the former assassins.

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