Nikita – Inevitability

by Alan Rapp on March 31, 2013

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  • Title: Nikita – Inevitability
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Nikita - Inevitability

After the CIA installs the wrong man as the President of Chad (Jonathan Adams), Division is tasked with assassinating an out of control asset who plans to sell a list of the names of every overseas operative working in the oil industry to the Russians. When both Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) refuse to take part Nikita (Maggie Q) and a conflicted Owen (Devon Sawa), with Sean (Dillon Casey) as back-up, go in alone to assassinate the world leader and make it appear as if he died of a heart attack as Michael (Shane West) and Ryan (Noah Bean) try to keep the rest of Division from finding out about the mission.

After getting wind of Division’s mission, Amanda (Melinda Clarke) makes a few plans of her own by recruiting one of the “Dirty Thirty,” Zoe (Merle Dandridge), to grab the list and make sure the assassination attempt looks like anything but an accident. After shooting the President in the head, Zoe manages to evade Nikita and her team and make it out of the banquet with the list. After the fiasco Danforth (Richard T. Jones), while hiding his own connection to the operation, convinces the President (Michelle Nolden) to shut down Division permanently.

Feeling the pressure of the United States Government, and taking a lesson from Percy, Alex and Birkhoff agree to work together to get some leverage on Danforth by following the White House chief of security to the middle of nowhere where they discover the Government’s staging area for the planned assault on Division. Ryan surmises Danforth was behind the order to assassinate the President of Chad in order to set-up Division for one final public failure to force the President’s hand. Alex turns Nikita’s words back on her mentor when the younger agent suggests killing Danforth to prevent the attack. When Nikita shoots down her plan, Alex briefs the rest of Division on the situation to force Nikita’s hand.

Alex and Nikita work together to stop Zoe from selling the list to a Russian spy (Jennifer Gibson) and tying up the entire mission with a bow on top for both the White House and the national media. Later Nikita makes a personal visit to Danforth’s home, making him aware of his deception and Division’s control of Percy’s remaining Black Box, and blackmails the President’s advisor into working for Division and to convince the President to leave Division alone. As “Inevitability” comes to a close Division’s old stalemate with the U.S. Government is in place and Alex and Nikita have managed to put their arguments aside, at least for now.

The episode teases us with the suggestion of Amanda tampering with Alex’s mind during their time together but also presents a compelling argument that Alex is just sticking up for herself and the way she and Nikita used to do things before taking over Division. Whichever is true, it’s clear that the disagreements between the two women aren’t solved although they do manage to come together and find some common ground.

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