Nikita – Self-Destruct

by Alan Rapp on April 28, 2013

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  • Title: Nikita – Self-Destruct
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“Niki’s good at inspiring stupid people to do really stupid things.”

Nikita - Self-Destruct

Ryan (Noah Bean) awakes from his coma to the ashes of Alex‘s (Lyndsy Fonseca) foiled rebellion, a broken computer system, and news that Owen (Devon Sawa) has stolen the Black Box and is working with Amanda (Melinda Clarke) to sell it to the highest bidder. As Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) and Sonya (Lyndie Greenwood) work to try and get Division up and running again, Nikita (Maggie Q) leaves to find a broken Alex, who fled what’s left of Division following the death of Sean (Dillon Casey) and has turned her aggression on local drug dealers in a suicidal plan that reminds Nikita of her own behavior after the loss of Daniel (Sebastien Roberts).

Unable to run Division in the aftermath of the rebellion, or cover-up any action by any number of the hundreds of agents out in the world, Ryan comes up with a plan to turn himself in and destroy the facility and wipe all records of Division leaving nothing for President Spencer (Michelle Nolden) and her itchy-trigger SEAL team to find once she learns the truth. After forcing Alex to see the truth behind Amanda’s manipulations, Nikita helps Alex rescue the dozens of young women she set out to save only to be saved from the drug dealers by the same women and the timely arrival of Michael (Shane West).

With Alex back in the fold, hundreds of Division agents on the run, the rest of Division released with new identities, and Ryan talked down from turning himself in for the time being, Alex still fighting a mountain of guilt (and whatever programming might still be left bouncing around her head), and with only three episodes left in the season, it falls on the same six (Nikita, Alex, Michael, Birkhoff, Ryan, Sonya) who took down Percy (Xander Berkeley) to recover the Black Box, stop Amanda, and complete Division’s mission.

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