Nikita – Sideswipe

by Alan Rapp on December 9, 2012

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  • Title: Nikita – Sideswipe
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Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West) capture former Division agent turned arms dealer Cyrus (Isaiah Mustafa) and use him, and the missile jamming technology he plans to sell to Ari (Peter Outerbridge), to lure Amanda (Melinda Clarke) out of hiding. Nikita, Michael, Cyrus, and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) travel to St. Lucia to procure the weapon but Cyrus double-crosses the team and makes off with the Sideswipe.

The deal with Ari goes off without a hitch but Amanda smells a rat and begins torturing Cyrus for information about Nikita and her plans. Unwilling to let Amanda kill Ari, Nikita and Michael head to Spain to save the man who just double-crossed them while Alex leads a team to Romania to retrieve both Ari and Sideswipe. But both teams walk into a trap as Alex’s team is ambushed in Romania and Nikita finds Cyrus strapped to a bomb with Amanda’s finger on the trigger.

Nikita finally understands what Amanda is after, allowing her to walk out with Cyrus alive. And Alex is saved by the timely arrival of Sean (Dillon Casey) who doesn’t stick around long enough for Alex to properly thank him or discuss their mutual feelings for each other. And Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) continues the search for Amanda’s mole but is unprepared when he discovers the person he is after is Sonja (Lyndie Greenwood).

The mid-season finale ends the search for the mole but not that storyline as Birkhoff learns that Sonja is helping Amanda against her will and there may very well be a second mole inside Division. Nikita’s discovery that Amanda isn’t targeting her both those she cares about saves her life in Romania but means everyone close to her is a potential target for one of Amanda’s lessons. Things should get interesting when the show returns from it’s Winter hiatus on January 18th.

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