Nikita – Til Death Do Us Part

by Alan Rapp on May 19, 2013

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  • Title: Nikita – Til Death Do Us Part
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“I kill the President or you die, Michael.”

Nikita - Til Death Do Us Part

In the season finale Nikita (Maggie Q) is blackmailed by Amanda (Melinda Clarke) to kill the President Spencer (Michelle Nolden) or watch the man she loves die. Although she keeps her plans from the rest of the team, Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) does some digging into why Nikita was out of contact for 22 minutes and has been acting strange since her return. This, along with a couple of obscure hints Nikita drops, leads to their discovery of the transmitter Amanda installed in their friend and her plan to kill the President.

Unable to dissuade Nikita from what must be done to save the life of the man she loves, Michael (Shane West) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) search for another scientist (François Chau) to get Michael the antidote for the nanotoxin and take away Amanda’s leverage. Despite their hope initially being raised, their last chance is stopped when The Shop kills the man with the nanotoxin created from his own work. Although Nikita refuses to go ahead with the plan, things go from bad to worse when Spencer, in a bizarre turn of events, takes the gun and commits suicide in the middle of the Oval Office leaving Nikita to take the fall from the President’s assassination.

Alex comes up with a plan to neutralize the nanotoxin by temporarily killing Michael, as Nikita is able to escape Secret Service custody with Birkhoff’s help. Unable to kill Michael, and with Nikita in the wind, Amanda greenlights her attack team (made of of the remaining Dirty Thirty) to enter the bunker and make sure no one leaves Division alive. Ryan (Noah Bean), Alex, and Birkhoff try to hold of the strike team long enough for Sonya to revive Michael and Nikita to arrive.

The season ends with the destruction of Division, the remaining members on the run, and the revelation that the real President Spencer in the custody of Amanda. Unwilling to put her friends and loved ones in any further danger Nikita leaves as Alex comes up with a plan infiltrate the various Shop facilities around the world and find the proof necessary to clear their friend’s name. The show has been renewed for an extremely shortened six-episode Fourth Season which will return at mid-season to wrap-up the remaining storylines with the group on the run and everyone in the world believing Nikita killed the President of the United States.

The show has been promising the end of Division since it’s beginning and finally delivers here with an extended sequence of the the facility being destroyed. The show seems to be coming full circle with its final season as Nikita is back on the run on her own and the ragtag group of her friends working together to help clear her name and their own before things get any worse. It will be interesting to see how quickly Michael and the group catch up with Nikita or if the final season keeps the storylines separate until the end and Nikita’s final confrontation with Amanda.

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