Perception – Warrior

by Alan Rapp on August 30, 2013

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Perception - Warrior

Picking up from last week’s cliffhanger, things get worse and worse for FBI Agent Kate Morrtti (Rachael Leigh Cook) as the facts don’t match up to her story about why she shot a Congressman’s son (Logan Bartholomew) in his own home. In fact Kate’s story get so hard to believe even she begins to doubt the truth. After being charged with murder by the Assistant District Attorney (Kevin Weisman), Kate spends most of the episode in a courtroom or in sessions with an FBI mandated psychologist (CCH Pounder) leaving Daniel (Eric McCormack)  and Donnie (Scott Wolf), who quits his job as an ADA, to prove her innocence.

While working the case Daniel and Donnie talk with another member (Ashanti Brown) of the dead man’s unit suffering from brain trauma who our brain specialist gets to sing them the clues they need to discover the man (Corey Brill) who hushed up both the friendly fire incident and the rape of Kendra Murphy (Lindsay Pulsipher) to save his own ass (as well as killing two members of his own squad to keep things quiet). That, and a little assistance from Daniel’s hallucinatory soldier (Graham Beckel) lead them to uncover the reason the witness (Pippa Black) present the night the Congressman son died is lying about the night’s events and not only get all charges against Kate dismissed but take down the crooked Congressman (John Heard) as well.

The story works well enough but it all feels a bit rushed as Donnie goes from ADA to defense attorney to back to ADA in less than 40 minutes and the episode doesn’t spend enough time dealing with the mistakes Kate made that lead her to killing a man. The B-story continues the reignited love story between Daniel and his college girlfriend (Perrey Reeves) who decides she wants to meet Natalie (Kelly Rowan) and understand the man she used to love far better than she does now. It will be interesting to see how that threesome’s relationship continues to unfold. We also get the tease of a Kate/Donnie reconciliation as Perception seems to be moving away from the suggested Daniel/Kate romance heading into its break before returning this winter for the season’s remaining four episodes.

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