Person of Interest – Bad Code

by Alan Rapp on October 6, 2012

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  • Title: Person of Interest – Bad Code
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The search for Finch (Michael Emerson) leads Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Carter (Taraji P. Henson) to Texas to look into the case of a missing girl from the early 1990’s that may shed some light on the past of the girl who grew up to become the computer hacker known as Root (Amy Acker). With Finch still her hostage, Root continues to search for the location of The Machine by torturing a White House lawyer (Cotter Smith) for information.

While searching for more information about the disappearance Reese and Carter talk with the missing girl’s father (Richard Bekins) and the librarian (Margo Martindale) who was the last person to see young Hanna Frey before she disappeared 20 years ago. Although the identity of the missing girl turns out not be their kidnapper, Reese and Carter are able to uncover the truth about the girl’s disappearance. Fusco (Kevin Chapman) stays behind in New York to babysit Reese’s new four-legged friend and look into the murder of Alice Corwin (Elizabeth Marvel) which begins to link to Root’s own investigation for The Machine.

Finch temporarily joins forces with Root’s other captive only to find himself at the mercy of another killer who also wants Finch’s knowledge about The Machine. By the end of the episode Reese will discover Root’s true identity as well as be able to locate his missing friend. But even though the pair are able to return to New York safely, with the hacker still on the loose and with another lead to the location of The Machine, Finch’s creation may not be safe for long.

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