Person of Interest – Firewall

by Alan Rapp on May 19, 2012

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In the season finale Reese (Jim Caviezel) tries to protect the latest number from the Machine, a psychologist (Amy Acker) in danger from one of her patients, while staying one step ahead of Special Agent Donnelly (Brennan Brown) and the FBI who are starting to close in on him. His job is complicated when he learns the heads of HR, whom Detective Fusco (Kevin Chapman) has finally met, have accepted a contract to go to whatever lengths necessary to makes sure the woman he’s attempting to protect is dead within 48 hours.

Needing a little help looking for the wealthy and secret patient that might have ordered the hit, Reese calls on a former number, Zoe Morgan (Paige Turco), who is able to narrow down the suspects to three suspects. Although Reese is able to save the shrink from HR’s hit he’s force to go to ground to the doctor with the killers, the FBI, and several corrupt cops on their trail.

The more Zoe investigates the potent the less the case makes sense until she finally uncovers the truth as to who put the hit out on the doctor, and why. When Finch (Michael Emerson) leaves to help Reese escape Alicia Corwin (Elizabeth Marvel) tracks him down and jeopardizes everyone’s safety at just the wrong moment, but thankfully Carter (Taraji P. Henson) and Fusco arrive just in time to save their mysterious friend. Finch, however, isn’t so lucky as he’s saved from Alicia but now finds himself at gunpoint face-to-face with Root.

The first season finale not only returns Zoe and unmasks Root but plays with the status quo by letting Carter and Fusco trade notes about Reese. As an Amy Acker fan, I’m happy to see her here, and even more excited to see she’ll be returning next season as well. All that an a cliffhanger which sees the Machine reach out and contact Reese directly should make for a very intriguing Fall premiere.

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