Person of Interest – Razgovor

by Alan Rapp on October 24, 2013

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  • Title: Person of Interest – Razgovor
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Person of Interest - Razgovor

When The Machine gives Finch (Michael Emerson) the number of an orphaned 10 year-old girl (Danielle Kotch) with surveillance skills beyond her years and dreams of being a spy, Shaw‘s (Sarah Shahi) patience is put to the test. When Shaw discovers the young girl bugged her entire building (which isn’t exactly in the best part of town) she and Reese (Jim Caviezel) are stuck with a multitude of suspects and motives for the well-organized group of men that want to do her harm. Just as Shaw was starting to bond with the girl she looses her, but wounded or not the former spy has not intention of letting Reese and Finch continue on without her.

In the episode’s B-story Carter‘s (Taraji P. Henson) surveillance leads her to a secret meeting between the mob and the head of HR, who she can use to take down the entire operation if, and only if, she can identify him. Despite the danger, Carter declines Reese’s help. However, when the two crossed paths again they discover the information that got the girl kidnapped girl is tied to the Russians new drug partnership with HR which landed the young woman in the clutches of Simmons (Robert John Burke).

“Razgovor” includes several flashbacks to Shaw’s one traumatic childhood moment which helps explain her current state of emotional distance that her experiences protecting the young girl begin to slightly unlock. The episode ends with a good ol’ fashioned fight between Reese and Simmons who finds himself outsmarted by the Man in the Suit as does Carter’s young partner (Brian Wiles) whose true loyalties Carter has known about for months but on this night she finds a way to bend the rookie to her will (what’s a little murder between friends?). It’s the episode’s final scene, however, that might spell immediate trouble for all concerned when Root (Amy Acker) shows up to kidnap Shaw for their own mission for The Machine. Is this the first signs of my hopes for a Shaw/Root spin-off coming true?

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