Person of Interest – ShotSeeker

by Alan Rapp on May 19, 2016

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  • Title: Person of Interest – ShotSeeker
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Person of Interest - ShotSeeker

Whereas the previous episode was dominated by the long-awaited return of Shaw (Sarah Shahi), what “ShotSeeker” lacks strong central narrative it makes up for by juggling several disparate, but all very intriguing, elements. Finch (Michael Emerson) begins some disheartening experiments pitting scaled-down versions of The Machine and Samaritan against each other. Bruce Moran (James Le Gros) returns looking for answers about Elias‘ (Enrico Colantoni) death. A curious Fusco (Kevin Chapman) continues to poke around issues that threaten to make him an enemy of Samaritan. An analyst with keen ear gets on the wrong side of Samaritan when he brings Reese‘s (Jim Caviezel) attention to a murder the A.I. has done its best to hide. And, for the second episode in a row, a fan-favorite character returns from the dead.

The number of the week storyline involving the analyst and Reese is actually the weakest element of the episode. This isn’t a slight, as it delivers several strong moments, but the various other pieces of the story turn out to be all more interesting. Finch’s experiment foreshadows dark days as despite Reese winning a battle against their rival we see little chance, given the current state of affairs, of The Machine being able to win the war. Although I didn’t expect the show to bring back Elias, I’m always happy to see Colantoni and wonder if we may see more of the teacher turned crime lord at some point later in the show’s final season. It’s also clear that Fusco’s current course of action will either get him a trip to the subway and legitimate answers or a trip to the city morgue complete with toe tag.

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