Preacher – Finish the Song

by Alan Rapp on July 26, 2016

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  • Title: Preacher – Finish the Song
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Preacher - Finish the Song

While Jesse (Dominic Cooper) hides out from the law and buys himself time for his big Sunday sermon, Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Emily (Lucy Griffiths) help nurse Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) back to full strength. Tulip’s idea to feed the vampire animals from the local pet shop is a rather ingenious plan, but it’s Emily’s actions involving the Mayor (Ricky Mabe) which prove surprising. Sacrificing the needy Miles to a vampire she doesn’t particularly like is a momentous choice for Emily, and one that may well haunt her for many episodes to come. As for Tulip, the experience inspires her to stop waiting for her revenge.

Unable to recapture Genesis, DeBlanc (Tom Brooke) and Fiore (Anatol Yusef) book themselves a trip to hell as the series finally connects the flashbacks of the Cowboy (Graham McTavish) with the main storyline. While largely ignoring Odin Quincannon (Jackie Earle Haley) and his men, the show moves several big pieces into place for next week’s season finale including putting the God phone in Jesse’s hands and giving him a method (at least in theory) to make good his threat to bring God to Texas in his Sunday sermon. I doubt the Cowboy from Hell is part of his plan, but his attendance is certainly likely to liven the event.

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