Pretty Little Liars – Face Time

by Alan Rapp on July 4, 2013

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Pretty Little Liars - Face Time

Col. Fields (Eric Steinberg) returns home to a Family Services investigation into Emily (Shay Mitchell) and her mother (Nia Peeples). He also has troubling dealing with daughter who is distraught over the trouble she has caused as well as the news that surgery may be necessary to repair her shoulder and there’s no guarantee that doing so won’t end her days of competitive swimming (and any hopes of a college scholarship). A uses the rising tension in the house, and Emily running away that night to spend some time with Paige (Lindsey Shaw) to continue to make it look like there is something seriously wrong in the Fields’ household. Of all attacks A has orchestrated none have have been more vicious as whispers about domestic violence in Rosewood are not likely to be quieted anytime soon.

After breaking the news to her mother (Lesley Fera) about her college rejection letter, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) enlists Aria (Lucy Hale) help to confront Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) with the mask the Liars found last week in hopes of sparking a reaction. The pair follow Melissa to the mask maker’s (Jed Rees) shop where Aria learns a little more from the sculptor while the Hastings sisters have it out on the docks. During a rare frank and honest conversation between the pair Melissa fills in gaps to night the lodge was set on fire, her relationship with Wilden (Bryce Johnson), her role in the attack on the train on Halloween night, and Melissa’s own suspicions that Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is still alive. For a brief second the sisters appear to be on the same side, but with Melissa immeadiately fleeing Rosewood after their encounter its unclear where they will go from here.

Toby (Keegan Allen) continues to try and piece together the breadcrumbs A left for them concerning the death of his mother by tracking down her former psychologist. Although he finds the broken and rattled doctor of little assistance although the man does make a reference to a troubling young blonde girl who he warned Toby’s mother to stay clear of. The final sequence of events, Toby’s disappointment turned into shock at the suggestion of Allison knowing his mother is an unexpected turn that is well-handled and opens up the door even wider to just how much the Liars dead friend has to answer for.

After a chance encounter with Malcolm (Teo Briones), Aria is forced to come clean to Jake (Ryan Guzman) about her complicated history with Ezra (Ian Harding) perhaps ending her new romance before it ever really began. And in the episode’s other plot thread  Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) continue to grow concerned when evidence continues to point to her mother as Wilden’s killer, especially once the new detectives (Roma MaffiaSean Faris) start taking a hard look at her as well. Hanna’s story has continued to slowly simmer and, as Caleb points out, these new detectives aren’t likely to be as easy to fool or lie to as the local police.

Even with the number of reveals we get here “Face Time” ends with just as many questions, in a good way to entice viewers to stick around to find the answers. Is Allison still alive? Is Hanna’s mother responsible for killing Wilden? And, if not, why does she continue to act so guilty? Was the money in Wilden’s safety deposit box a payoff? How much of what Melissa revealed to Spencer was the truth? And how far is A planning to take her attack on Emily’s family? And, in the episode’s final scene, what is A planning to do with the reconstructed mask of Melissa’s face?

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