Ravenswood – Pilot

by Alan Rapp on October 25, 2013

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  • Title: Ravenswood – Pilot
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“We have a different kind of ordinary in this town.”

Ravenswood - Pilot

Remaining in Ravenswood to help Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) get settled with her estranged (and very strange) family, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) also has a few questions of his own he’d like some answers to beginning with who is buried out in the cemetery under his name and likeness. While Caleb searches for answers in a town that doesn’t like to share its secrets, Miranda tries to warm to her uncle (Steven Cabral), make some kind of connection to her family, and try not to get spooked out by the weird events in the house that appears to be haunted.

The cast of characters also include a stigmatized pair of twins, Luke (Brett Dier) and Olivia (Merritt Patterson), whose mother (Laura Allen) the entire town believes is responsible for their father’s death. The only pleasant person Caleb runs across is Remy Beaumont (Britne Oldford) who has her own problems with a shell-shocked mother (Sophina Brown) and a disapproving father (Henry Simmons). Remy makes some connections between a group of five teens killed a century ago (two whose name and appearances are identical to Caleb and Miranda) and current events in the town that suggest, at least to her, that history is planning to repeat itself.

I wasn’t a big fan of when the town of Ravenswood was introduced in Pretty Little Liars, and the Pilot doesn’t do anything to sell me on a teen horror series that seems to be part Final Destination (where each member of the group appears to be marked for death) and part run-of-the-mill horror antics (none of which are all that spooky). Throw in a boatload of teen angst and you’ve got plenty of drama to build something around, it’s just not something I plan to stick around for.

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