Remington Steele – Steele Flying High

by Alan Rapp on September 19, 2019

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  • Title: Remington Steele – Steele Flying High
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Remington Steele - Steele Flying High TV review

Throwback Thursday takes us back to the 80s detective show Remington Steele. What starts out as a simple way to get rid of Steele (Pierce Brosnan) for a couple of hours and earn some nice publicity for the agency soon becomes more complicated when a murder is uncovered, Steele goes missing, and everyone involved has suspicious motives concerning land being donated to a wild life preserve for the bald eagle. Offering nods from everything from The Maltese Falcon to Chinatown, Steele begins enjoying himself a bit too much for Laura (Stephanie Zimbalist) as he takes on more of a Sam Spade personality. His kidnapping, and the attempt to kill both Steele and Laura, are only minor speed bumps on the way to unmasking a killer.

Francine Lembi guest-stars as a rich widow who desperately wants Steele to recover a lost report that the missing man wrote prior to his death. While not a classic femme fatale, Lembi still works well here using her feminine wiles to both hide her true motivations and search for her ticket to the ultimate pay day. There’s also the gangster (Michael McGuire) who has both a connection to the girl and a personal stake in the deal going through. However, in this case, the most unscrupulous suspect turns out to be a politician (Michael Goodwin) whose reputation would have been destroyed if the dead biologist’s report would have ever seen the light of day.

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