Remington Steele – Thou Shalt Not Steele

by Alan Rapp on June 28, 2018

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  • Title: Remington Steele – Thou Shalt Not Steele
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Remington Steele - Thou Shalt Not Steele TV review

Today’s Throwback Thursday post takes us back to the 80s detective show Remington Steele. Despite Steele‘s (Pierce Brosnan) misgivings, Laura (Stephanie Zimbalist) signs a museum who wants the agency to help stop a thief from stealing a valuable painting known as “The Five Nudes of Cairo.” Although she doesn’t know it yet, Laura will discover that Steel stole the painting once before in his previous life and the young woman masquerading as an assistant curator (Cassandra Harris) was his partner and lover at the time. In need of her old beau’s help, the thief attempts to blackmail Steele into help her steal the painting only to be outplayed when he and Laura steal it on their own.

“Thou Shalt Not Steele” is a fun episode that plays on the show’s recurring them of whether or not Laura can trust her new partner, especially when his past comes knocking. Beverly Garland also guest-stars as Laura’s mother who disapproves over her daughter’s profession and gets wrapped up the case which includes theft, kidnapping, and murder. Laura getting thrown in jail doesn’t help Murphy’s (James Read) opinion of Steele, but the con man turned private eye outwits the thieves, catches a killer (James Blendick), and finds a way to steal the painting without really stealing the painting which confirms Laura’s faith in him.

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