Rookie Blue – For Better, For Worse

by Alan Rapp on August 10, 2013

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  • Title: Rookie Blue – For Better, For Worse
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Rookie Blue - For Better, For Worse

On morning of Frank (Lyriq Bent) and Noelle‘s (Melanie Nicholls-King) wedding Nash (Enuka Okuma), as maid of honor, works to nail down every last detail with the unexpected assistance of Steve Peck (Adam MacDonald) but runs into a snag when the bride-to-be disappears. Before the night’s festivities, 15 Divisions works to find the inside man (Richard Donat) in the armed robbery of a tour bus full senior citizens. Eventually Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Nick (Peter Mooney) solve the case but are forced to miss the wedding while waiting tracking down the final suspect. However, the situation does give Nick the opportunity to finally admit his feelings to Andy.

Wedding drama is the focus of the episode as Swarek (Ben Bass) steps into the role of best man when Frank’s brother misses his flight, Traci hunts down a missing Noelle who disappears after getting some frightening medical news, and with prodding from Epstein (Gregory Smith) Shaw (Matt Gordon) asks Celery (Emily Hampshire) to be his date. Although reluctant to go, Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) has a surprisingly good time with Holly (Aliyah O’Brien) which ends in an equally surprising kiss good night. Despite the drama the wedding and reception go off without a hitch, even for Epstein who confesses his relationship with Chloe (Priscilla Faia) to buy time with Frank until Nash can return with the missing bride.

Noelle’s medical issue gives the bride with cold feet a grounded twist that works far better than a simple case of nerves would have. I have to admit both the possible Andy/Nick and Gail/Holly relationships are nice shakeups from the status quo, although I have doubts with either making through more than a handful of episodes. I was also happy to see Epstein and Chloe come out as an official couple and applaud Oliver smartly choosing Celery over getting involved once more with a twice-failed marriage.

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