Rookie Blue – Friday the 13th

by Alan Rapp on August 4, 2013

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Rookie Blue - Friday the 13th

On Friday the 13th  Cruz (Rachael Ancheril) and Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) discover 10 year-old remains accidentally uncovered during a practical joke that belong to a cold case which Swarek (Ben Bass) worked as a rookie. To help solve the case Swarek calls on his old training officer (Al Sapienza) who Swarek begins to suspect knows far more about the case than he ever let on including falsifying evidence that the kid was alive in Dallas and making a secret deal with the boy’s abuse father not to go searching for his missing son.

Meanwhile, Shaw (Matt Gordon), Epstein (Gregory Smith), and Chloe (Priscilla Faia) deal with a witch named Celery (Emily Hampshire) who was robbed by a disgruntled customer (Nicole Underhay) who may or may not have been poisoned by the woman’s love spell. Gail hangs out in the morgue with 15 Division’s forensic pathologist (Aliyah O’Brien). And Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Nick (Peter Mooney) get spooked while responding to a call of screaming coming from an abandoned building.

Swarek’s story is the emotional heart of the episode that runs the gamut of happiness of working with his former father figure whose influence led him to becoming a cop to despair when he decides to try and cover-up Charlie’s involvement in the crime rather than let his friend take his own life. The emotional roller coaster also forces Sam to try and take his relationship with Cruz to the next level, something she may not be ready for.

After another will-they/won’t-they episode, “Friday the 13th” finally puts Epstein and Chloe together (hopefully for good). We also get the introduction of two new characters including the witch who obviously has some chemistry with Shaw and the Underhay as one hell of a sexy forensic pathologist, both of whom I’d like to see more of over the rest of the season.

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