Rookie Blue – Poison Pill

by Alan Rapp on July 20, 2013

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Rookie Blue - Poison Pill

When Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Cruz (Rachael Ancheril) get exposed to drugs contaminated with Anthrax the pair find themselves quarantined and forced to get far closer to each other and a nervous lab tech (Jim Annan) than either of them planned while the rest of 15 Division frantically searches for the source. Blackstone (Louis Ferreira) is called in to lead the efforts, which allows a jealous Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) to not so subtly prod him for information on just how close Nick (Peter Mooney) got to Andy on their undercover assignment. Although Blackstone can offer no solid answers to her questions, he also can’t deny her suspicions.

Swarek (Ben Bass) and Nick are able to track down the middle man who sold the first victim the drug, but the longer the search continues more people begin showing up in the hospital poisoned by the dirty drugs. Finding the source of the Midnight Heroin the pair strike out as lab techs are able to tell them definitively that it isn’t the source of the Anthrax. Thankfully for everyone involved, Nash (Enuka Okuma) is able to tie the victims together and Epstein (Gregory Smith) provides the final piece of the puzzle leading them to the real source of the poisoned drugs.

Diaz (Travis Milne) spends his final day working for 15 Division with Shaw (Matt Gordon) who lets the young man take the lead out in the field before Diaz leaves the station without offering any final goodbyes. And the episode’s other ongoing story involves Epstein finally asking out Chloe (Priscilla Faia) only to have second thoughts when he finds some Bipolar medication in the locker room he suspects is hers (but Andy will learn later actually belongs to Cruz). I’m getting a little tired of the constant teasing of a Epstein/Chloe relationship and wish the show would even throw the pair together (which given their temperaments would work well) or drop the storyline completely and move on.

Given Chloe’s behavior the episode did a good job of setting up Epstein’s expectations before the twist reveals the drugs belong to Cruz. Although Andy and Cruz don’t exactly leave decontamination as friends, it’s hard to call them enemies or even rivals after their recent bonding experience. I’m hoping the specter of Cruz’s condition doesn’t hover over her character too strongly because, as Andy notes, it certainly hasn’t impaired her work as a police officer. Although he’s far from my favorite character, I have to admit I’m sorry to see Diaz go (especially with so little fanfare). It’s the fallout of Peck’s rash decision, however, which should have immediate repercussions.

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