Rookie Blue – Skeletons

by Alan Rapp on July 27, 2013

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  • Title: Rookie Blue – Skeletons
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Rookie Blue - Skeletons

Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Nick (Peter Mooney) bring in a young punk who stole a cab which leads 15 Division to the discovery of the kidnapping of a young girl that may be connected to Ross Perrick (Ben Carlson), the man who killed Barber (Noam Jenkinsand kidnapped and held Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) hostage. Callaghan (Eric Johnson). Andy and Swarek (Ben Bass) work together to find the man (Christian Bako) who bought the cab, a buyer and seller of items involved in murder investigations, who sadly isn’t able to give them any information about the man who he sold the cab to leaving 15 Division back at square one.

Realizing the situation early on, Best (Lyriq Bent) gets Nash (Enuka Okuma) temporarily reassigned to the gang task force to work with Steve Peck (Adam MacDonald) for the day, hoping to keep her safely removed from the situation so closely tied to the death of her fiance. Sadly, he can’t do the same for Peck. When Callaghan is unable to get any information from the serial killer about the new copycat on the loose, Peck agrees to sit down with Perrick, over Best’s objections and despite her own fears. Perrick milks Gail’s visit for all its worth, and forces her to divulge the truth about her affair, with Nick watching, before finally giving 15 Division their first real lead in the case and allowing Epstein (Gregory Smith) and Shaw (Matt Gordon) to rescue the girl before she became the copycat’s first kill.

Despite saving the girl, the episode is hard on relationships across the board as Nash is forced to face the pain of loosing Barber all over again, Epstein pines over the loss of Diaz (Travis Milne), Shaw reveals he is divorcing his wife, Cruz (Rachael Ancheril) begins to get jealous of Andy and Swarek working so closely together, and Gail, who faces her worst moments of her life to become the hero of the story, looses the man she loves due to her own insecurities and a single mistake.

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