Rookie Blue – What I Lost

by Alan Rapp on August 17, 2013

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  • Title: Rookie Blue – What I Lost
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Rookie Blue - What I Lost

Diaz (Travis Milne) and Denise’s (Brendee Green) return to the city for a visit takes a dark turn when their son is kidnapped under the nose of Andy (Missy Peregrym) and Nick (Peter Mooney) at the playground when both get distracted by an elderly man having a heart attack. Based on an eye-witness account of a suspicious van, Swarek (Ben Bass) and Cruz (Rachael Ancheril) begin looking into a local suspect (Michael Cram) who was questioned three-years ago in a similar case of a missing 4 year-old boy who was never found.

Although that lead doesn’t pan out, security footage from a nearby cinema catches the boy in the care of his soccer coach (Christopher Jacot) from Timmins. Comparing blood evidence found at the scene belonging to both the child and the abductor, Holly (Aliyah O’Brien) reveals that the soccer coach, not Diaz, is actually the missing young boy’s father. Eventually the boy is found, but the truth destroys Diaz’s family and leaves the young officer at an embasse as to what to do next.

Diaz’s relationship blows up due to the circumstances surrounding the abduction, but those same factors push Andy and Nick closer together and inspire Gail to spend another night out with Holly. Although what could have been tragedy turns out well in the end (at least for everyone except Diaz), “What I Lost” leaves several characters in precarious situations as Andy will no doubt have to come clean to Gail about sleeping with Nick, Diaz will have to make hard decisions about his future, Cruz has become obsessed with the suspect in the three-year-old abduction, and Gail will sooner or later have to sort out just how deep her feelings for Holly go.

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