Scandal – Icarus

by Alan Rapp on November 10, 2013

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  • Title: Scandal – Icarus
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Scandal - Icarus

Conflicting loyalties are the major theme in the latest episode of Scandal as Olivia (Kerry Washington), unable to get Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) to open up about the truth of Operation Remington, chooses to run the campaign of Congresswoman Josephine Marcus (Lisa Kudrow) and asks Jake (Scott Foley) to continue digging for proof that her father (Joe Morton) and the man she loved worked together years ago to shoot down a plane killing more than 300 civilians including Olivia’s mother.

The White House is less than pleased with Olivia’s choice of candidate. Cyrus (Jeff Perry) tries multiple tactics to get Olivia to jump sides first by blackmailing Harrison (Columbus Short) and second by attempting to goad James (Dan Bucatinsky) into going after the Congresswoman during their national interview. Neither is successful, and thanks to Abby (Darby Stanchfield) and Olivia, who finally find the right buttons to push to make the Congresswoman presidential, the interview is a rousing success.

Loyalties are also tested with Jake who enlists the help of an old friend who, without the security team the President put in place to watch his old comrade, would have killed him. And ignored by Huck (Guillermo Díaz), Quinn (Katie Lowes) becomes easy pickings for Charlie (George Newbern) who slowly starts grooming her as a potential agent for B613.

Quinn’s new friendship with Charlie could cause problems for everyone in the firm, but the President’s refusal to answer Olivia’s questions (even after understanding the personal hurt and anger driving them) could finally mean the end of their relationship for good. The Vice-President’s political aspirations remain another issue for White House, although Mellie’s discovery of something she and Sally have in common may lead to a solution. Although not appreciated by the the candidate’s sister/daughter (Sally Pressman), the method used to bring out the Congresswoman’s claws works well and gives Olivia hope that she’s chosen the right side moving forward.

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