Scandal – Run

by Alan Rapp on February 1, 2015

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  • Title: Scandal – Run
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Scandal - Run

Scandal returns from mid-season break with an unusual episode that rehashes the mid-season surprise abduction of Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) by a group of well-trained kidnappers. Aside from scenes dealing with Jake‘s (Scott Foley) reaction to his disappearance we get nothing from the series regulars (except for a short hallucination sequence) or their reaction to her disappearance. Instead the entire episode focuses on Olivia in captivity of what appears to be a Middle Eastern prison. Of course appearances can be deceiving.

As a viewer who likes it best when episodes center around Pope & Associates dealing with a client’s trouble (remember those?), “Run” is about as far from that template as you can get. Aside from giving Kerry Washington some highlight reel material to possibly help her take home an Emmy or Golden Globe in the future the episode is really all set-up with a pair of late reveals. From the trailer it looks like the rest of the cast will be return to work a week late (other than in Olivia’s short hallucination sequence) as news of Olivia’s abduction becomes public as does her ransom which could make things very messy for the President of the United States.

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