Scandal – Spies Like Us

by Alan Rapp on November 18, 2012

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  • Title: Scandal – Spies Like Us
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“I really, really like killing people.”


Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) receives an anonymous letter from a suicide victim (Richard Gilliland) shortly before his death asking her to protect a group of spies who were part of a top secret off-the-books CIA program from a master hacker who plans on exposing them all, included Huck (Guillermo Díaz). Despite Huck’s initial reaction to run, Olivia convinces him to stay and let her do what she does best by fixing the situation.

Believing one of the other spies on the list is leaking information to the hacker, Olivia asks Huck to assemble the entire group (Sarah AldrichAdam Lazarre-WhiteSam AndersonMary Pat GleasonGeorge Newbern) in order to smoke out the traitor before they ruin everyone’s lives. All of the former assassins and spies seem perfectly happy in their new lives, and when the group realizes that one of their fellow spies in the room is the source of the story that would send them back on the run the guns come out and an old fashioned six-way standoff ensues.

The other stories of the week all revolve around relationships as Huck’s paranoia leads him to begin investigating his new girlfriend (Susan Pourfar), Olivia gets closer to Senator Davis (Norm Lewis), and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) is blindsided by a front page expose by James (Dan Bucatinsky) that includes a quote from a “senior White House official” which blasts Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry) as a “deep-fried back woods inbred hillbilly.” Abby (Darby Stanchfield) and David’s (Joshua Malina) relationship gets serious as the pair continue to investigate Cytron and Doyle Energy which Harrison (Columbus Short) notices is driving Olivia crazy and offers to handle the situation ending one relationship just as it was getting started.

I like the episode giving Huck and his former associates center stage while still continuing to explore ongoing stories that showcase that Olivia, and those working for her (or even friends like Cyrus), can be just as ruthless to get what they want as the killers she assembled in Olivia Pope & Associates offices.

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