Scooby-Doo! – Jeepers, It’s the Creeper

by Alan Rapp on January 14, 2021

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  • Title: Scooby Doo, Where Are You! – Jeepers, It’s the Creeper
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Scooby-Doo! - Jeepers, It's the Creeper television review

Throwback Thursday takes us back to Scooby Doo, Where Are You! for another mystery involving some meddling kids and their talking dog. “Jeepers, It’s the Creeper” features one of the mostly unlikely occurrences in Scooby-Doo history: Mystery, Inc. choosing to go to a barn dance rather than solve a mystery. The episode opens with a bank guard attacked on the road by the mysterious Creeper, who has been stealing money from the local bank. After dropping the guard off at the Bank President‘s (Casey Kasem) home, Scoob-Dooy (Don Messick) and the gang completely ignore the mystery and head to a dance. They are only forced back into the mystery when the Creeper follows them in hopes of getting his hand on a mysterious piece of blank paper.

The Creeper is a bit nondescript for the show, but the episode does offer an interesting red herring in the odd Hermit of the Hills (Frank Welker) who the gang mistakenly believe to be the Creeper late into the episode (it helps that they never figure out why the creature wants the paper so badly, at least not until after he is unmasked). Along with the gang initially blowing off the mystery, “Jeepers, It’s the Creeper” is also notable for little investigation as the gang spends most of the episode on the run and the only clue they find is the one they started out with. Also, the episode features no trap at the end as Scooby-Doo takes advantage of some farm equipment to catch the villain (and is rewarded by unmasking the Creeper). “Jeepers, It’s the Creeper” also features a subplot involving a recently-hatched baby chick who imprints on Scooby. Mistakenly believing he’s a dog, the chick hangs out with Scooby and Shaggy (Casey Kasem) for the rest of the episode, including barking at the Creeper and giving away their position at one point.

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