Silk Stalkings – Hardcopy

by Alan Rapp on August 27, 2019

in Television Reviews 

  • Title: Silk Stalkings – Hardcopy
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Silk Stalkings - Hardcopy television review

Throwback Thursday takes us back to the unsolved crimes of passion in the wealthy playground of Palm Beach, Florida. While Rita (Mitzi Kapture) literally runs into a new flame (Christopher Mayer), the pair’s latest case becomes personal to Chris (Rob Estes) when the lead suspect in the death of a tabloid publisher turns out to be a mistress (Terri Treas) with a young son (Karl David-Djerf) who the detective takes under his wing. Despite the mistress eventually confessing to the crime, there’s far more going on than Chris or Rita suspect.

Along with a steamy sequence between Rita and the rock promoter (who manages to sweep the detective away for a European vacation), the episode is most memorable as Chris begins to doubt their suspect’s story and guess at young Randall’s involvement. The episode climaxes in Randall’s attempted suicide and a last-second save by Chris preventing another death to occur out of the tragedy. Early scenes continue to play up Donovan (William Anton) as a horse’s ass, but the D.A. does earn some points for looking out for Randall at the end of the episode (even if it occurs off-screen).

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