Silk Stalkings – Intensive Care

by Alan Rapp on June 9, 2020

in Television Reviews 

  • Title: Silk Stalkings – Intensive Care
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Silk Stalkings - Intensive Care television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back to the unsolved crimes of passion in the wealthy playground of Palm Beach, Florida. Chris (Rob Estes) and Rita (Mitzi Kapture) investigate the murder of a womanizing doctor (John Rubinow) in “Intensive Care.” Initial evidence seems to point the nurse (Robin Frates) he was fooling around with during his shifts or the former friend (James McDonnell) he beat out for a recent promotion, although neither detective like them for the crime (even when evidence turns up in the doctor’s office). The real culprit turns out to be a hospital administrator (Jennifer Savidge) whose obsession with the doctor turned deadly given how much time he was showing the younger nurse. The episode is also notable for appearances by Richard Scott Sarafian and Denice Duff as a pair of Chris’ old friends, one of whom Lorenzo gets hot and heavy with, albeit only for an instant, while fantasizing of what might have been (which is the most memorable aspect to an otherwise straightforward episode).

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