Silk Stalkings – Silk Stalkings

by Alan Rapp on February 9, 2017

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  • Title: Silk Stalkings – Silk Stalkings
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Silk Stalkings - Silk Stalkings television review

Throwback Thursday takes us back to the self-titled pilot episode of USA Network’s cop drama set in the wealthy playground of Palm Beach, Florida, where partners Rita Lee Lance (Mitzi Kapture) and Chris Lorenzo (Rob Estes) work crimes of passions, referred to internally by the department as “silk stalkings.” The first murder of the week involves the death of a model which leads them to the son of a wealthy businessman (Todd Eric Andrews) known for getting rough with the fairer sex. Most of the pieces of the series are put into place here including the show’s use of golf as a metaphor for sex, Rita and Chris using the nickname “Sam” for each other, the unexpected choice of Rita being the show’s narrator, and the pair’s obvious attraction but strictly platonic love for each other.

Before all was said and done the show would eventually crash and burn with the departure of its two stars, but for the better part of 100 episodes Rita and Chris kept Palm Beach safe in style. Speaking of style, the show definitely had an unique one with its flashy clothing and bizarrely-designed police station. The first episode also introduces the concept of the brain bubble in Rita’s skull which leads her to take some unnecessary risks in her professional life (but not her personal one). Her medical condition would be downplayed over the show’s run, but that wouldn’t stop both Rita from taking risks and kicking ass alongside her partner for the better part of four-plus seasons.

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