Stitchers – Future Tense

by Alan Rapp on July 30, 2015

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Stitchers - Future Tense

In an episode that ends the ongoing marriage proposal storyline and reveals Liam (Jack Turner) to viewers to have less-than-honest motivations concerning Kirsten (Emma Ishta), “Future Tense” also sets up next week’s summer finale as the Stitcher team investigate the murder of an online psychic and try to prevent a second murder the dead woman saw in a vision which only Kirsten believes will come to pass.

Given the inherent blandness of his character to this point it’s absolutely no surprise that the show’s writers chose to make Liam more nefarious than an ultimate do-gooder. The result of the break-up is incredibly anti-climactic given how long the show chose to draw-out the conclusion of this subplot. And while the psychic angle gives the murder of the week an interesting twist it also further exposes the “science” of the show which gets more inherently ridiculous with every episode.

The episode’s B-story involving Camille (Allison Scagliotti) meeting Linus‘ (Ritesh Rajan) parents is entertaining, if a bit heavy-handed. Thankfully it ends on a sweet note rather than a dinner table scene which wouldn’t have served either the show or the characters. Despite the characters’ reluctance to admit that their relationship is real the show certainly further cements it here. The episode also teases the death of a major character in next week’s episode (which I’m going to assume will involve some kind of miraculous last-minute as I have serious doubts Stitchers has the balls to make such a move).

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