Street Hawk – Vegas Run

by Alan Rapp on March 2, 2021

in Television Reviews 

  • Title: Street Hawk – Vegas Run
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Street Hawk - Vegas Run television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back in time to when a motorcycle cop turned vigilante helped keep the streets of Los Angeles safe on an experimental bike known as Street Hawk. Jesse (Rex Smith) and Norman (Joe Regalbuto) try to protect a Las Vegas showgirl (Sybil Danning) from her ex-boyfriend (Christopher Thomas) and his goons who will stop at nothing, including kidnapping her sister (Christie Mossman), to prevent her from testifying against him. The main story is notable for Danning’s character making Norman uncomfortable and Jesse thoroughly confusing Lt. Cmdr. Altobelli (Richard Venture) on how a federal witness wound up staying at his apartment. The action scenes showcase Street Hawk going off-road (somehow without running into any of those pesky trees at super-speed) and fighting of a helicopter to get the witness to the courthouse in time.

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