Teen Titans Go! – Parasite

by Alan Rapp on July 19, 2013

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  • Title: Teen Titans Go! – Parasite
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Teen Titans Go! - Parasite

Although the rest of the team quickly accepts Starfire‘s (Hynden Walch) new parasite “Perry” growing out of her stomach, who is far more interested in celebrating the Tamaran tradition of Feast Day than her fellow Titans, Robin (Scott Menville) suspects that the telepathic alien means all of them grave harm.

Although Robin eventually accepts Perry, the alien parasite eventually leaves on his own (but not before fulfilling the skeptical Robin’s prophecy of turning into a giant alien spider monster and transporting the Titans halfway across the universe to do battle). I also enjoyed Robin’s heart-to-heart with Silkie, the only one who will listen to his suspicions about Perry.

Overreacting Robin is always fun, but the episode doesn’t really explain why all the rest of Starfire’s teammates, even Raven (Tara Strong), so quickly do a 180 and accept Starfire’s parasite. Given what the parasite is, and the bizarre food choices offered to the Titans by their teammate, “Parasite” delves into gross-out humor more than usual creating mixed results.

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