The Big Bang Theory – The Wiggly Finger Catalyst

by Alan Rapp on October 8, 2011

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  • Title: The Big Bang Theory – The Wiggly Finger Catalyst
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Feeling sorry for a lonely Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Penny (Kaley Cuoco) decides to set him up with the perfect woman for a guy who has trouble speaking to the female sex – a deaf girl. Troubles arise when Raj’s friends begin to think Emily (Katie Leclerc) is taking advantage of their friend who keeps showering her with lavish gifts.

The in the episode’s other story Sheldon (Jim Parsons) decides to let fate control all of his non-esential trivial decisions leaving his mind free to other pursuits. Of course this has its uninteded consequences as the scientist learns that leaving his movements, conversations, and eating habits up to a roll of ten-sided dice doesn’t always get you what you want.

For a story centered mostly around Raj it’s better than I expected and includes some fun moments such as Raj’s first date which involves Howard’s (Simon Helberg) decreasing interest in helping the couple communicate. Sheldon’s story is a little more one-note, but it does deliver a couple of fun sequences including our first look at Dr. Cooper with a mustache.

In terms of ongoing storylines this is the first time wealth of Raj’s family (which has been often alluded to) is actually spelled out. As Sheldon succinctly puts it have an amount of wealth between that of Bruce Wayne and Scrooge McDuck. This revelation gives the episode a humorous final scene, but we’ll have to wait and see if it has any lasting repercussions.

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