The Flash – Trial of the Trickster

by Alan Rapp on February 13, 2018

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  • Title: The Flash – Trial of the Trickster
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The Flash - Trial of the Trickster TV review

Our Throwback Tuesday post this week takes us to Central City and the original television version of The Flash. One thing I’ve always appreciated about The CW’s current Flash television show is that it hasn’t run from the Scarlet Speedster’s previous TV history. Where possible, The Flash has found ways to work in various characters and actors from the 90s series. The recent episode, “The Elongated Knight Rises” brought back Corinne Bohrer to reprise her role as the sidekick of the Trickster (Mark Hamill) in the 90s TV-show’s final episode. Aside from the obvious fun of the episode having Hammill in full crazy-villain mode, the episode is important for the character of Prank (a crazy female sidekick who the main villain doesn’t always appreciate) and her relationship with the Trickster which is obviously the template for the Joker/Harley Quinn relationship which would blossom to great heights in Batman: The Animated Series and beyond.

The episode begins with Central City putting the Trickster on trial and the return of private detective Megan Lockhart (Joyce Hyser). Obsessed with the criminal, toy heiress Zoey Clark (Bohrer) liberates the Trickster from the courthouse and convinces him to continue his role as the Trickster with her as the new Prank. Before the end of the episode it will be Central City on trial with the Trickster scrambling the Flash‘s (John Wesley Shipp) brains and turning him into an unwitting accomplice for his mayhem. Thankfully Megan and McGee (Amanda Pays) step-in to stop the hero from going too far and take down the Trickster and his looney would-be partner (who the Trickster is constantly taking for granted throughout the episode).

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