The Mentalist – Days of Wine and Roses

by Alan Rapp on January 7, 2013

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  • Title: The Mentalist – Days of Wine and Roses
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The CBI is called in to investigate the murder of a rising young model who was killed in the park after sneaking out of a California rehab center. Meanwhile, Lisbon continues her investigation into Tommy Volker (Henry Ian Cusick), who has gotten away with a pair of murders including a witness she promised to protect.

Lison and Jane (Simon Baker) talk with the victim’s parents (Sam Hennings, Kathe Mazur) and take a trip out the rehab center to talk with her psychologist (Dennis Boutsikaris) and therapist (Amy Pietz). Jane also does a little snooping of his own, by ransacking and robbing several of the other patients at the facility in order to set up one of his trademark stunts, after sending Cho (Tim Kang) back to the CBI.

Suspects in the case include the victim’s roommate (Mary Lynn Rajskub), who is actually an undercover tabloid reporter, a member (Ken Luckey) of the victim’s group therapy session who she was sleeping with, and a photographer  (Hal Ozsan) who the victim blamed for getting her fired from a recent job and sent to rehab. However, the real motive for the murder turns out to be much simpler – money.

When her favorite judge (Amy Aquino) refuses to grant Lisbon the warrant she needs to continue her investigation into the Volker case, Lisbon attempts to convince one of her poker buddies (John Rubinstein) to sign the warrant. However it’s already too late, by the time Lisbon and Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) arrive to serve the warrant Volker has already neatly tied up any loose ends, permanently.

I’m intrigued to see Volker return for a series of episodes as Lisbon gets her own obsession with bringing the untouchable millionaire sociopath to justice. It will be interesting to see how the story ends, and if her time perusing Volker gives Lisbon more insight into Jane’s obsession with Red John (who name is completely absent this week).

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