The Mentalist – Green Light

by Alan Rapp on January 10, 2015

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  • Title: The Mentalist – Green Light
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The Mentalist - Green Light

On the eve of Jane‘s (Simon Baker) birthday he and Lisbon (Robin Tunney) are called in to help investigate the murder of a DEA agent who was brutally killed after a botched drug raid. Complicating matters are the fact that the man in charge of the DEA unit of the dead agent, which Abbot was ordered to investigate after the raid, used to be Abbot’s boss Bill Peterson (Dylan Baker). With the team searching for the killer Jane takes on a second job in finding a way to keep Peterson off Abbot’s back and prevent him from blackmailing Abbot about their shared past likely destroying the political career of Abbot’s wife (Christine Adams).

Introduced a couple weeks ago, the show doesn’t waste much time to explore Abbot’s backstory. In his usual fashion Jane’s elaborate set-up finds the killer in their suspect pool of DEA agents (Ross Partridge, Chris Conner, Chastity Dotson, Blake Shields, Jeremy Ray Valdez), one of whom betrayed their fellow agent to the cartel, but he does take a little added pleasure in humiliating the blackmailer as well with the help of Vega (Josie Loren) who still questions the methods of The Mentalist but not enough to ignore the results.

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