The Mentalist – Something’s Rotten in Redmund

by Alan Rapp on April 8, 2012

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  • Title: The Mentalist – Something’s Rotten in Redmund
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As Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) worries over the imminent birth of his son, the CBI is called in to investigate the murder of a popular English teacher. While Risby and Cho (Tim Kang) try to track down the hooker (Kristina Apgar) one of the students (Sophie Kargman) saw the teacher with days before his death, Jane attempts to find the real dirt on the school by seeking out the the leader (Augie Duke) of the local delinquents.

Grace (Sophie Kargman) is able to discover the hooker is actually a former student who the teacher whose life the teacher was trying to get back on the life track. Meanwhile Jane is able to uncover the identity of the man (David DeLuise) who gave the victim a black eye a week before his death, but although their conversation heightens the mentalist’s dislike for the school’s principal (Matt McCoy), it doesn’t help find the killer.

Jane takes his usual unusual steps to test out a theory, and to tweak the school’s principal at the same time, as Cho and Rigsby are able to discover the student (Vincent Martella) who is distributing Ecstasy to the school. But once again neither lead gets the CBI any closer to the murderer.

The teacher’s killers (Emily BerglTom Maden) won’t be revealed until the opening night of the school play (in which Jane finds a way to insert himself into the cast at the last minute in order to unmask the killer on stage). In turns out all the world is Jane’s stage, even a high school auditorium.

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