The Mentalist – The Redshirt

by Alan Rapp on December 10, 2011

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  • Title: The Mentalist – The Redshirt
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A case of mistaken identity gives the CBI the chance to solve a murder by talking with the intended victim. To do so they have do deal with the ex-football star’s (Craig Bierko) giant ego and pretend it really was him, and not his assistant. who was killed in the car bomb.

There is no shortage of suspects including a crazed stalker (Chris Owen), a bookie (Ray Laska) with ties to organized crime, and his current girlfriend (Kristen Kerr) and ex-wife (Ashley Williams) both of whom knew that no one loved Doc Dugan more than he loved himself.

The episode’s B-story involves Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) and Sarah (Jillian Bach) taking a trip to San Francisco which turns into a fight when she brings up his father (William Forsythe) while helping prepare him to testify in court. His attempt to apologize leads to another passionate argument.

“The Redshirt” turns out to be a fun episode with several of the show’s trademark touches. Aside from hiding the real identity of the victim, Jane’s other antics include holding a fake seance to get one suspect to spill the beans about his boss’ illegal businesses and tricking the real killer to trap himself in a lie.

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