The Mentalist – There Will Be Blood

by Alan Rapp on March 11, 2013

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  • Title: The Mentalist – There Will Be Blood
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“You’re putting your trust in the mistress of a serial killer.”

The Mentalist - There Will Be Blood

After months on her own Lorelei (Emmanuelle Chriqui) returns, still searching for answers about whether or not Red John was involved in the murder of her sister. Bertram (Michael Gaston) informs Lisbon (Robin Tunney) that she and the CBI will be working with Agent Kirkland (Kevin Corrigan) who refuses to elaborate on why Homeland Security is so interested in Lorelei. Lorelei’s return, and this latest murder, force Jane (Simon Baker) to admit to his role in her escape which Lisbon fears may come to light now that everyone is taking a hard look at Lorelei’s case again.

As Lisbon questions the other trustees (Emmanuelle VaugierTom WrightChristopher Cousins) of the women’s shelter where the victim worked Jane does a little snooping of his own discovering a second residence the victim kept which is where he runs into Lorelei again. Unwilling to trust Jane’s judgement after he lets Lorelei continue on with her quest, Lisbon offers Jane an ultimatum but given the opportunity to spill the beans to Bertram she continues to keep his secret.

Despite having confirmation that Lorelei’s sister stayed in the shelter the week prior to her death, Risby (Owain Yeoman) can find no record of her stay in the shelter’s official records. Lorelei is wounded attempting to abduct another one of the trustees, but as all three were present the CBI is no closer to discovering which one was Lorelei’s intended victim. Benching Jane and releasing each of the trustees while placing a CBI agent outside their homes, Lisbon hopes to smoke out Lorelei when she makes another attempt at her real target.

Looking into the files of each of the suspects Jane discovers the likely target but is too late as Lorelei has already incapacitated Rigsby and begun torturing the man well before the CBI can get to her location. Jane is the first to arrive but rather than stop Lorelei’s interrogation he asks a few questions of his own and is able to illicit the confession that not only gives Jane another connection to Red John but forces Lorelei to face the truth about the man who murdered her sister.

The Mentalist - There Will Be Blood

Despite keeping up his end of the bargain, and letting her escape again, Lorelei leaves without giving Jane the real name of Red John. When Lorelei fails in her attempt to avenger her sister on her own, and with Homeland Security claiming the wounded witness from the crime scene who soon drifts into a coma, Jane is once again left at square one.

I’m sorry to see Chriqui’s return be so short-lived and bittersweet. Even with Lorelei’s death at the hands of Red John, Jane still has another connection to narrow his search but he has lost his best asset as well. Much like Jane’s reaction to Red John’s latest crime scene, Jane’s reaction to the murder and what it costs him personally is harsh indeed.

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