The Musketeers – The Return

by Alan Rapp on February 17, 2015

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  • Title: The Musketeers – The Return
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The Musketeers - The Return

After months of ignoring the needs of his serfs Athos (Tom Burke) is kidnapped and returned to his estate of Pinot where a starving populace beg their lord to fight for them against his greedy neighbor Renard (Miles Anderson) who plans to wipe out the town and give the land to his son. Neither their pleas nor an attack on his life by Renard is enough to sway Athos into action, but the arrival of Aramis (Santiago Cabrera), Porthos (Howard Charles), Treville (Hugo Speer), and D’Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino), and an encounter with an old friend (Marianne Oldham), eventually rally the Musketeer into doing his duty.

“The Return” doesn’t tell us much more about Athos’ past than we already know (other than the fact the guy had bad taste in women well before his marriage). The episode slowly builds to the Musketeers training the village to fight for themselves (in a proper montage no less) and standing with them in a siege against the onslaught of Renard’s trained men. It’s pretty by-the-book but it’s an impressive and lengthy action scene for a television show. The introduction of Catherine (Oldham) also suggests Athos’ life isn’t going to get any less complicated as the woman attempts to betray the Musketeer, and, when that fails, heads off to get revenge against the woman she holds responsible for the destruction of her world.

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