Batman – Trouble Identity

by Alan Rapp on March 16, 2021

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  • Title: The New Adventures of Batman – Trouble Identity
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Batman - Trouble Identity television review

Throwback Tuesday takes us back to Gotham City and The New Adventures of Batman. Professor Norquist’s Inert Matter Converter allows him to turn garbage into valuable fabric such as silk or fur. Catwoman (Melendy Britt), donned in a bizarre costume designed for the series, not only steals the invention in front of Bruce Wayne (Adam West), Dick Grayson (Burt Ward), and Barbara Gordon (Britt) but also frames Batgirl for the crime by making a quick-change in the middle of the robbery to appear as Batgirl (rather than show up dressed as the hero throughout the entire heist).

“Trouble Identity” is a goofy episode. Aside from ridiculous invention itself, and Catwoman’s odd dressing choices, we’re given the odd Cat-shaped robots and missiles she sends after the heroes (which scream who is really responsible). While she later successfully frames the hero by tricking the police to find her red-handed, there’s really no reason for her not to be dressed as Batgirl throughout the first-half of the episode (especially given the design of her own costume). The episode also features a pair of Bat-Mite‘s (Lou Scheimer) attempts to help which cause chaos in the Batcave and nearly get Batgirl caught by the police before her innocence can be established. Catwoman’s attempts to sell her new goods leads her capture and clears up any trouble between the GCPD and Batgirl.

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